Tuesday, September 3, 2013

CPPI is Proud to Announce the Futurist Policy Initiative!

What if cars drove themselves, lowering the number of deaths by automobile accidents from 43,000 a year to zero? What if our grandchildren could live to be 300 years old? Although this sounds like science fiction, it is the future, and the future is not that far away. Autonomous vehicles exist today and promise to revolutionize transportation, and with technology like organ printing and personalized medicine, the first Methuselah generation could be alive right now.

Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace, experts, now called “futurists,” have made careers of forecasting disruptive technology and its application. Futurists then educate businesses and lawmakers on how to identify and adapt to these changes. Notable futurists like Dr. Ray Kurzweil (recently hired by Google) helped establish the Singularity University, an academic institution in California whose students and faculty study technology and policy that will reshape our future.
This is truly an exciting time for technology, but these are uncharted waters as far as policy is concerned. Lawmakers must be educated to ensure they are not caught off guard by new tech and its policy implications.  Policy also plays a tremendous role in fostering innovation, and the Center for Public Policy Innovation’s  (CPPI) Futurist Policy Initiative will ensure that legislators understand the advances underway so as not to stifle progress, whether it is in the form of outdated regulation, or a lack of policy.
By working with futurists, and leveraging its relationship with the Hill, CPPI is positioned to bring the future to policy leaders in Washington while elevating true and visionary thought leadership. A number of groups in Washington are focused on immediate policy concerns, but what about the bigger picture? Who is looking to the future and identifying the policy concerns of the revolutionary technology that lies ahead?
Through a series of panel discussions featuring futurists, innovators, and a variety of stakeholders, CPPI will begin socializing concepts and technology foreign to the Hill and the policy implications of disruptive technology. These discussions among stakeholders will help guide the framework for in depth policy research.  The resulting body of work will act as a unique resource for lawmakers and their staff enabling them to address the remarkable strides in technology with enlightened public policy that fuels innovation and economic growth.
CPPI will launch the Futurist Policy Initiative with a program focused on the Internet of Everything (IoE). Today, I’m proud to release our white paper-Future of Connectivity: Internet of Everything- that provides a look at the economic, societal, and environmental promise IoE holds while exploring the policy areas surrounding this transformational technology.
CPPI is partnering with Cisco - a world leader in IoE thought leadership - to host a policy workshop dedicated to IoE on the Hill this fall. I encourage you to stay tuned for more event information during this exciting time!

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